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Sunny summer days @ Nature Box Pet

Posted by Chad on

Sunny summer days have arrived to us in the Mile High City! During this time of the year It is very important to monitor the temperatures and humidity inside the homes of your pets as the temperatures outside are increasing which may cause you to turn on your air conditioner. This will reduce the humidity in your home which may result in the need to increase your misting. We suggest using the new Zoo Med digital temperature and humidity gauge, this unit has a neat minimum and maximum feature which will let you know what exactly your temperatures were while you’re at work.

With the information that you gather with this inexpensive tool you can make informed decisions as to how you may need to adjust your bulb size or misting schedule to keep your pet cool, humid and happy!

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Proper Chameleon Care and Housing

Today I will be discussing the proper housing for a chameleon along with all the dos and don’ts that are involved with owning one of these gorgeous lizards.The first thing to consider when planning on getting a chameleon is, will you have enough time to put into this animal as they are somewhat high maintenance. The toughest thing when [...]

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Bearded Dragon Husbandry

Today we are on the topic of how to properly house a bearded dragon.Whether you are starting off with a baby bearded dragon or a full grown dragon, I would recommend using either tile or carpet for the substrate. One of the reasons why I recommend this is because of impaction, the other reason is [...]

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Sexing your cockroaches

Today, a short blurb on how to sex your roaches! Sexing your roaches is a good idea for colony management purposes to ensure you have a good ratio of males to females available. Or you may just be curious if your fancy pet roach is a Paul or a Paulette!Well, read on...Most common species, like [...]

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I get asked quite frequently what my favorite reptile is, and of course it has changed a few times, but I have always gone back to the turtle. No matter the species, I love turtles. To go into more detail, I particularly like my turtle. My turtle's name is Ralph. Ralph has a very interesting [...]

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What is so great about leopard geckos?

I frequently get asked "what is the best first pet?" and "why?" . There are many answers to this famous question, it all depends on what you are interested in. Of course there are cats, dogs, and hamsters, but what about reptiles. Reptiles in general are amazing first pets, after you or someone else gets [...]

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Why Are Snakes So Scary??

Well, the answer to this question that most of us have grown up asking is, they aren't. Most people grow up with the constant fear that snakes, spiders, and other creepy crawlies are dangerous and should be feared, but they shouldn't. As a matter a fact, all of these animals help our environment in some sort [...]

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Have You Ever Wanted To Setup A Living Vivarium?

Have you ever went into a reptile store and wondered why they have bio-active vivariums? Yes? Well have you ever wanted to make one and didn't know how? Yes? Well it is super simple, and here are some easy start up steps.Items you will need:-Hydro-balls-Sphagnum moss-Soil (pesticide free)-Cork-Living plants (bromeliads are a great choice)-Leaf litter [...]

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Why Are Alligators So Ornery?

You might think ' well, shelbie, that's an easy one. alligators are so ornery because they have all those teeth, but no toothbrush! ' & while this is a reasonable response, science has a less fun explanation. It involves the brain, & this thing called the medulla oblongata. which, it turns out, alligators have an [...]

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Don't Play Poker With A Crested Gecko

It’s a well known fact that crested geckos are the best poker players in the Canopy, but never trust one not to cheat. If you’re wondering why such a generalization has been drawn on the poker playing capabilities of our sticky toed friends, it would be best to ask the green-bellied tree skink. “ I’ve played poker all my life. I like [...]

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