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12 Tips for Koi Keeping!

Posted by Haley Martin on

12 Tips for Koi Keeping!

Koi fish originated from domesticated common carp (Cyprinus carpio). Hailing from China and other parts of Asia. Bred for color in Japan, they got the name koi fish (Japanese koi fish).

Varying in size, color and pattern these make great additions to any pond. As with any tank or pond there is a delicate balance of maintenance, feeding and care. Keep reading to find out our tips for keeping your Koi!

Pond size

1. Koi fish can grow really, really big. Up to 36 inches and with a well maintained pond, the chances of better health, color and size increase.

2. The ideal pond size for keeping koi should hold at least 1,000-gallons of water for five koi fish. Depth is also important and not to be overlooked. If you live in a wintery climate it must be at least 3 feet deep so they have room at the bottom if the top freezes. 

3. The bottom should be smooth or fine gravel. This is for when they are at the bottom more in colder weather. Koi could get injured by the sharp edges or hard gravel. 

Water quality

4. Koi fish are known for their ability to survive in a wide range of temperatures but not sudden changes in temperature. Keep the temperature as consistent as you can. Cold weather is okay, as long as you have enough depth to your pond in case of freezing. During summer a less deep pond is good, just keep it out of direct sunlight. 

5. Proper filtration is a cornerstone of any tank or pond. Poor water is a huge cause of death with any fish. A high volume filter and or bottom drain and will make your life easy with water changes and general maint

6. Oxygen is important for Koi and humans! Keep the water filled with the oxygen they need by adding a waterfall or fountain. Keep in mind that more oxygen and warmer weather make for hungrier fish, so as seasons change appetites increase! 


7. Koi are known for their striking colors and their playful demeanor. Feeding them properly will help to keep them looking and feeling great! 

8. Pellets are most common but for a varied diet consider live foods like bloodworms or river shrimp. This will add variation and keep the koi interested along with added nutrition. 

9. Overfeeding is not good with any fish, koi included. Overfeeding causes overweight fish and can throw off the water balance of the pond. If they have not eaten the food within five minutes, you know to take it out and feed them less next time. 


10. Koi are known to jump! Make sure to keep an eye out for beached koi. A fish out of water is not a good situation! 

11. Bird and other predators may be an issue for some koi owners. Protective fences or bird nets can help to keep the predators away from the Koi. 

12. By keeping your koi fed, housed and maintained correctly you know your pond will flourish and this bring the enjoyment of koi keeping! 

Hope you enjoyed these tips! Check back regularly for more blogs!