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Aquatics at Nature Box Pet

Posted by Haley on

When Nature Box Pet opened four years ago the intent was to eventually have an aquatic area with everything one could ever need for their fish, shrimp or other aquatic pets. When we moved into the new store this past January that dream was realized! Not only do we offer the best reptile, amphibian and accessories but now we offer fish, large and small, tanks and all the supplies to go with! 

If you have not been by the new bigger store, we have a youtube video going up today 09.06 touring our fish section, products and accessories. I will put the link at the bottom! 

We carry all sorts of freshwater fish. Large, small, from aggressive to friendly! Elisa and Ryan are both great resources for anyone who has questions and both are available during the week and weekend! 

Again, no matter what your aquatic needs are we can help! Also follow us on instagram and facebook for updates on the newest inventory of fish, reptiles and events!

- fish section tour video