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Can anyone tell me why hermit crabs need two water bowls?

Posted by Elisa on

Look in any crabitat and you may see TWO bowls of water. Is one for bathing and one for drinking? How do the crabs know which is which?

Well, hermit crabs will bathe and drink in both dishes, and of course the answer is that one dish is fresh water and one dish is salt water. 

As this blurb from Hermit crab patch states:

"Salt water is important to a hermit crab. They use the shell water to hydrate their gills and will regulate its salinity (osmoregulation) based on their needs by switching between the fresh and saltwater dish. It is important that they have access to both fresh and salt water at all times. Hermit crabs preparing to molt will spend a lot of time soaking in both water dishes, storing water which will be used to enable them to build up hydrostatic pressure to swell and break open their exoskeleton during molting and also to survive on while buried.

By providing both fresh and salt water dishes which are deep enough for crabs to get into, the crabs will be able to bathe themselves as they do in nature."

Now you know why hermit crabitats have two dishes of water! As a bonus here is a sweet hermit crab wallpaper for your PC.

Thanks for reading, and tune in next time!