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Chameleon Enclosures - Glass or Screen?

Posted by Haley Martin on

Most of the time it is recommend to get a screen enclosure for Chameleons. They need ventilation, but in a dry state like Colorado it can be hard to keep the humidity high enough in a screen enclosure. With my Chameleon Emery I started him off with the screen enclosure but after about a year and a purchase of a mist king, I found he was still not getting the humidity he needed. I decided it was time to try a glass enclosure.

 The Exo Terra Medium Extra Tall 24x18x36 was the one I chose ($300). I decided along with thing glass enclosure I would up my game and build it as a terrarium instead of using fake plants. I started by using the clay balls for a drainage layer, then a small layer of Reptisoil, After this I put the logs in, positioned them where I wanted them and put more Reptisoil around the base of the logs to hold them in place better and continued to build this up. I used the whole 24qt bag. Once the logs were stable I began twisting the vines through the logs and around the enclosure. Once the vines were secures to the glass with suctions cups and to the logs, I draped moss over logs and on the floor of the terrarium. I also planted plants and bromeliads around the enclosure. After setting up the mist king, the final thing was putting a water dish in there, I used a rock shaped food dish which blended well with the background and it deep enough to bathe is he wants. The only thing missing is a fan for the top which is my next buy in the next few days, to make sure air flow is good enough.

All in all I am very happy with how it turned out! The humidity is exactly where I want it and the temperature is perfect too. Over the next few weeks I will be monitoring him to make sure he is adjusting well, but so far he is very happy with his new home!

The question of glass or screen comes down to what works best and location. If you live in Florida, a glass enclosure for a chameleon is not a need as the humidity is very high there. A screen enclosure would be great there. But in Colorado where it is very dry and not humid, this is working for us!