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Exciting springtime pairings

Posted by Elisa on

Just wanted to share some of the pairs we have locking up this season!!

Panther chameleons

Our Ankaramy (pink panther) male has locked with both our ankaramy female and our nosy be female panther chameleons. Nosy-ramys anyone??

Ball pythons

Our champagne pos het pied X pied clutch just hatched. 3 Champagne het pieds and 3 normal het pieds. She didn't prove out, but they are beautiful nonetheless.

Crested geckos

Have begun laying eggs and the first clutches are starting to hatch out. Pictured are one of our pairs, COnnery and Cupcake.


Our thai rainbow millipedes have started locking up! Hoping to start seeing babies soon.

And many more, but that's all the time I have for today!!!