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Nature Box Classroom - New Events at Nature Box Pet

Posted by Haley on

Nature Box Classroom:

You may have heard about our newest event at Nature Box Pet called Nature Box Classroom! When we did the survey many people said they wanted more information and time to ask questions. We listened and have created a class series where you can learn about a specific animal, their care and needs from our in house experts! Only $10 and all ages are welcome with children under 5 being free! 


Our fist class is Ball Python 101, but other offerings include Bearded Dragon 101, Crested Gecko 101, Chameleon 101 and more! The possibility to offer classes about breeding would come later if enough people are interested! Class is on Sundays at 9am in the Nature Box Pet flagship store in Aurora and taught by two Nature Box Pet in house experts or maybe even a special guest! 

How to Sign Up:

To sign up come in to the store or give us a call at 303.766.4377! We will happily get you signed up for the class and answer any of your questions! 


Included in this event is a swag bag that includes a coupon to the store, sticker and pamphlet on the topic covered! On top of all this you get time in class to ask questions and learn a more in depth view of an animal. 

We would love to hear your thoughts on this, what questions you have about ball pythons and what else you would like to see at!