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Sexing your cockroaches

Posted by Elisa on

Today, a short blurb on how to sex your roaches! Sexing your roaches is a good idea for colony management purposes to ensure you have a good ratio of males to females available. Or you may just be curious if your fancy pet roach is a Paul or a Paulette!

Well, read on...

Most common species, like blapticus sp, are easily sexed by looking at the ventral surface of the abdomen. The very last segment in males will tend to have two "horns", where the females have a much broader, flatter plate as the last segment and will only have two nubs.

Males, when mature, also tend to have a shorter, leaner body then the females.


Male on the left, female on the right

Again, male on the left, female on the right

TA DA! Now you too, are an expert.