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Terrarium / Vivarium Maintenance

Posted by Haley on

With our Terrarium Workshop coming up this Saturday the 27th, I thought it might be good to write about the maintenance required after it's established. Below are some tips to help you keep your set up healthy and balanced!

Cleaning the Glass

This is probably the easiest way to keep your terrarium looking great. Also this will allow you to see what you are cultivating inside! No need for chemicals or harsh cleaners a damp paper towel will do the job.

Humidity Levels

One of the most important parts of a terrarium set up is moisture. Live plants and animals require the right levels to stay balanced and hydrated. You can purchase humidity and temperature gauges to help you track the levels of heat and humidity. Your humidity needs will vary on what your goals for your terrarium are. Certain frogs may need more than others, plants are the same way. Wether it be a misting system, a manual watering or a handheld mister make sure your terrarium has the moisture it needs to succeed!

Plant Trimming

   Pruning will be beneficial to all the habitants of the terrarium. How much pruning again will depend on your own set up and goals. If you have reptiles or amphibians in the terrarium they will want some room to move, so you might prune more. Be sure to remove any dead or decaying plants as well!

Springtails & Microfauna Levels

Springtails are a great way to clean up after the messes left behind by frogs or plant decay. Periodically add more springtails if you have frogs, because frogs to love to eat them. For correct levels you need to add and maintain the springtails numbers. Isopods are another great way to help keep your levels steady! 

Fungi & Mold

You may have some issues with mushrooms cropping up in your terrarium. This usually happens in the first six months and is normal. You can buy additives to put in your terrarium that will help to promote healthy fungi and help to keep mushrooms from popping up. Mold can be another issue as humidity and low air flow are the best conditions for it. Depending on the amount, if only a little take it and a bit of surrounding substrate out. Watch for more growth as you may have to take it all out if the problem is bad enough. 

If you have any questions or concerns you can always call the store or come in to speak with our knowledgable staff!