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What is so great about leopard geckos?

Posted by Amber on

I frequently get asked "what is the best first pet?" and "why?" . There are many answers to this famous question, it all depends on what you are interested in. Of course there are cats, dogs, and hamsters, but what about reptiles. Reptiles in general are amazing first pets, after you or someone else gets over their fear of course. The two most common first reptile pets are bearded dragons and turtles, but we are forgetting about leopard geckos. Not only do leopard geckos require no lights, they are full of love. Just like most other reptiles, leopard geckos come in many different paint jobs... Here are some for example -->

Image result for blizzard leopard gecko     Image result for carrot tail leopard gecko     Image result for mack snow leopard gecko    Image result for albino tremper leopard gecko

Now to get into some more reasons as to why leopard geckos are so great! The main food that most people feed their leopard geckos is mealworms, the reason why is because geckos do really well on mealworms and can digest them easily. Another cool fact about leopard geckos is that since they don't need any light fixtures, all you have to get is a heat pad to go under their habitat. Most of the time leopard geckos are kept in a rack system because of how easy they are to keep. You really don't even need any substrate, just paper towels would be fine for them, as long as you have a hide. Leopard geckos like it really dark, so it is recommended to have multiple hides in their habitat, with one of those hides being a humid hide. The last thing needed to complete a habitat would be dish with some calcium powder and a shallow water dish. The reason why leaving a dish of calcium powder in their habitat is because they still require calcium to keep their bones strong, and believe it or not, leopard geckos will actually go and eat the calcium powder when they need it! Now you know why leopard geckos are so great!