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Whites Tree Frog Care

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These beautiful tree frogs are a great first time pet and can be very easy to care for! Read below to see how! 


Depending on the amount of frogs you would like to keep together will decide the size of the enclosure you will need. If you want under five frogs a large arboreal enclosure will be best! 18x18x24 will be a great home for your Whites Tree Frogs. Whites Tree Frogs do like to go up the sides of the tank and need an arboreal enclosure to allow them enough room to move especially with more than one frog. 

     The live terrarium set up will be best as this recreates their natural habitat, include a water dish big enough to soak in as moisture is important to your frogs health and wellness. In addition to the water dish misting your frogs daily will help to ensure their habitat stays moist and they do not dehydrate.Temperature in the daytime should range from 76-85ºF with basking area not exceeding 90ºF. Nighttime temperature not below 65ºF. Time your lighting (including a UV-B emitting bulb) to go for 12 hour cycles (12hrs on, 12hrs off) to keep a natural circadian rhythm for your frogs. 


Froglets up to 1.5 inches can be one to four pinhead crickets, daily. If they are eating all the crickets you know to add more next feeding. Sub-adult frogs three inches may be fed four small crickets, a few times a week. Supplement crickets with small earthworms or mealworms monthly. Adult White’s tree frogs can eat three or four large crickets twice a week. Again supplement with earthworms, mealworms, super worms and other insect feeders. 

     When feeding always dust the food with vitamin powders like repashy specific to your frog, so they get the vitamins and minerals they do not get from crickets and supplemental foods alone. 

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to the Nature Box Team in store, online or email at!