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Frequently Asked Questions 


Can you ship animals?

-YES! With a few minor exceptions we can ship anything we have directly to you. Please see our shipping + terms page for more information on shipping animals.


Something is wrong with my pet, can you help?

-Absolutely! We are here to try and help you with any issue you may have, but understand that we are not vets. We can share our experience with you but in case of a medical emergency we recommend taking your animal to a licensed veterinarian.

For minor health concerns the first step is to gather information. Bring us pictures of the animals, your temperature gradients in the animals habitat, and what equipment you use, etc. as that will help us help you to determine the cause of any abnormality.


I am looking for something you don’t have, do you special order?

-We can track down just about anything you need. Just be prepared, because special orders will require a 50% non-refundable deposit.


I need a custom cage, can you help me?

-We have connections with many different companies around the country, and can work to get you whatever you need at competitive prices. We can potentially create the custom screen cage, stand, or glass terrarium to fit your personal needs. To obtain a quote send us a diagram with measurements and detailed description of what you are looking for to our email address:  Quotes are 100% FREE! Custom builds typically take 1-4 weeks to complete.


I don’t want my pet anymore, should I release it into the wild?

-Please don’t release any animal into the wild! Our captive born and bred animals are not properly equipped to survive in the wild, and may have very different survival requirements then Colorado can provide. If you, or someone you know, needs to rehome a pet they cannot keep any longer please contact us at or call us during business hours at (303)766-4377 and we will attempt to help you resolve the situation.

If you, or someone you know, took a native animal from the wild and it hasn't come into contact with any other captive animal or feeder insect, then the best course of action is to release it back to the exact spot, as best you can determine, that it was taken from. The reason for this is that a wild animal can potentially contract illnesses, parasites, or disease from our captive kept pets and feeders that it may not necessarily have the same immunities to. Then if it is placed back into the wild it can potentially infect others of its kind in its habitat spreading illness. Also, if a wild animal taken from its home is placed into unfamiliar territory it is at an extreme disadvantage as far as finding food, water, and shelter from weather and predators.

Short answer: NO don't do it!


Do you buy or give store credit for reptiles?

-Firstly, understand that our time and space, among other things, are limited. That being said, we absolutely love to plug into the community and support local breeders to the extent that we are able. If an animal is either rare, or something we are looking for at the moment, then we can discuss terms (store credit, exchange for feeders, etc.)

So, don't hesitate to reach out to us, either through our Facebook page @Natureboxpet or at our email address:


Do you provide at home tank maintenance?

-That is not a service we provide at this time.




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