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We sell some of the best quality quality in feeders in the state - we guarantee it! Our frozen rodents come from a family run facility where they are fed the highest quality rodent food, given expert care and kept in extremely clean conditions. Many of our live rodents are produced on site by us; by taking the time to produce our own rodents we can guarantee the best quality for our customers. We feed only premium food, clean cages multiple times a week and our rodents always have access to fresh and clean water. Because we keep our rodent breeding area clean and pest free facility we can not accept rodent returns back once they have left, please know your feeder size!

Cricket and worm shipments arrive weekly from a breeder that we have been doing business with for over 10 years! Crickets and worms will always have some measure of die off, this is why you will always get MORE than what you pay for at Nature Box Pet Emporium! We also breed our own Dubia Roaches – because of this availability can fluctuate as we cant sell more than we produce.